School Song

On, ever on, Kewanee High School, Let’s put our colors in the sky; Thus far they’ve flown without a single blot now it’s up to us to give the game the best we’ve got. Tho’ sometimes the score b’ against us, Let no one say we failed to try, An always fighting we will show the world That there’s a real Kewanee High! Come on, you team, let’s wipe ’em out, On Kewanee, On! Let’s fight, That’s right, We’ll raise our triumph shout by singing. After the fight is over, We’ll see our colors floating high; Real fight will ever keep our flag unstained, And every time we fight it’s just another victory gained. So we can forget about the scoreboard When we have made our biggest try, You see we’ve always won, for we have shown the world That there’s a real Kewanee High! (Sing through twice)

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