Cost of Living

Times, they are a changin’…

…And so are the products we used to gage the year 1982. In 2012, albums have almost gone the way of the dinosaur with the transition to cassettes, then CDs, and now MP3s. Paperback books are still around, but now we can read our novels with a digital reader. Oh, and let us not forget the introduction of the VHS & Beta tape that rocked the movie industry and catapulted us to a world where movies come to your mailbox or can be downloaded onto your High Definition – Big Screen TV. What can we expect 30 years from now?

Product Price By Year
1982 2012
Hamburger .55¢ $1.00
Large Pizza $9.00 $14.49
Candy Bar .55¢ .75¢
Soda Pop .40¢ .75¢
Blue Jeans $30.00 $58.00
Album $9.00 $15.00 (CD)/$10.99 (iTunes)
Concert Ticket $15.00 $67.02
Paperback Book $3.25 $14.95 (paperback)/$9.99 (Kindle)
Movie Ticket $3.00 $8.00
Gallon of Gas $1.20 $3.90
Class Ring $70-100.00 $225-750.00
Yearbook $14.00 $25.00
School Lunch .80¢ —-
Tennis Shoes $25.00 $75.00
Newspaper 25¢ $1.25

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